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A Bit About Me 🐎

Birthday 🎂 

April 20, 2001

Gotcha Day 💕

October 16, 2022

Breed 🐴

Appendix QH

Personality ⭐️

Barbie Girl Boss 





About My Riders 🤠

Experience Level

Confident Intermediate
(currently training)

Weight Limit

Carries Riders up to 200lbs

 ★ My Favorites ★

Favorite Job 💪: Trails and Arena 

Favorite Color 🌈: Pink

Favorite Treat 🍪: Horse Cookies

Favorite Quote 💬: "You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

Special Care 🩺:

EPM medication, colostrum, respiratory treatment, weight maintenance, body work

Care Sponsors 💝:


Apples Given 🍎:

Eleven apples!


My story 💕

Howdy, my name is Khaleesi! When I first arrived here in November 2022, I needed some TLC before the snow came since I was skinny and feeling a under the weather. Turns out I had stomach ulcers, some lung scarring, and this tricky thing called EPM just like my friend Tonto.

But Liz was ready to get me treated! They got me on a special diet, treatment for everything, even massages to help my body feel better. I'm starting to feel like my old self again, which is great, because I've got a good heart and I like having a job to do! 😊

I'm perfect for those quiet, easy rides. Might be a little shy at first, but I'm very willing with a little encouragement. Some of my favorite volunteers love my smooth, rocking-horse lope. Plus, I've got some tricks up my sleeve! My absolute favorite is swimming in the pond and hanging out with my friends, both horse and human. Come say hello, and let's be buds!

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