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Rules & Guidelines

Please make sure you have read and understood the rules below before you book your experience:
  • Safety: Helmets are recommended for all activities.  Helmets are available to rent on site.  We are a drug and alcohol-free establishment.  We reserve the right to withdraw a person who is, in our opinion, likely to endanger themselves or others.  We reserve the right to cancel a ride if we become concerned about the safety of anyone on the ride.

  • Weight Policy: For your safety and the well-being of our horses, the weight limit is 280lbs.  Our limits are set to ensure the safety of both the rider and the longevity of our horses. The weight limit is non-negotiable. We also look at a height/weight combination.  A guest that is tall and heavy will have a much different center of gravity than someone who is short and heavy.  We find guests who are short and heavy have a very difficult time balancing on top of a large horse.  We cannot discriminate based on weight but do reserve the right to refuse guests from participating who, in our opinion, are not physically able with a reasonable degree of safety to participate. 
    Respecting our guests and their privacy is very important to us and for this reason, riders can expect to be weighed in a private setting if management is concerned that a rider may be above the designated weight limit.

  • Age Requirements: Ages 2-3 can double in the saddle with an adult (walker required). Ages 4-6 ride on their own horse while led (walker required). If you are booking ages 2-3, we may call you for more details to ensure a comfortable ride.

  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellations or changes to appointments must be made by telephone at least 24 hours prior to your ride to avoid being charged in full without the possibility of a refund. Canceling your horse ride affects business significantly as we have often turned away other customers to secure your spot. Most of our guests reserve their time horses well in advance, so it is difficult to replace a reservation at late notice. For this reason, we strictly adhere to our Cancellation Policy.  Customers will receive a gift card for the amount of their ride in case of operator cancellation due to severe weather (ie: ice, strong winds 20mph, gusts, freezing rain, thunder, lightening, etc) or other unforeseen circumstances. 

  • Late Fee: Arriving on time to your appointment is very important as we have our horses on scheduled breaks that we keep.  If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, you will be charged a $20 late fee.  Please keep in mind that we do not extend appointment times for the sake of our horses. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out paperwork and check-in to ensure you get your full riding time. If you are not 10 minutes early, the check-in process may cut into your ride time.

  • Weather: Our rides do go out in all safe weather conditions, rain or shine. If a cancellation is made by Rise & Ride Ranch for any safety-related reason, we will diligently work to reschedule you for another ride or provide a gift card for the amount of the ride. Unless communicated, riders should expect to ride.

  • Attire: Pants and closed toe shoes are recommended for your comfort and safety.  We also recommend that our guests wear bug spray during the hotter season.  Please do not wear skirts, dresses, heels over two inches or disposable ponchos. Please refrain from having anything “wrapped or strapped” to you during the duration of your ride.  Please secure all your electronics like GoPros, cameras, cellphones, etc. properly on your person before your ride.  Cell phones should be put in silent during the duration of your ride.

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