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Our Care

Our horses are family

We take care of them first..

We are obsessed with our horses' care and go to great lengths in making sure they are both healthy and happy.  

The majority of our horses are rescues, and they all come from various backgrounds and stages of need in order to be the best horse they can be again. There are no shortcuts or cheap alternatives in care or recovery!



Heal their minds

We keep our rides small and private not only for you, but for our horses too.  Rescues often have a history of trauma and abandonment and it is critical for them to have positive human connection on a daily basis.  Smaller, more personal rides allow riders to better connect with their horses, making you a part of their recovery process!  With new purpose, we watch horses open up and start to show their true selves through play and curiosity.

Feed them well

Every horse, like people, has unique nutritional needs depending on allergies, conditions, deficiencies, and so on.  Each horse on our ranch has their own special blend of vitamins, minerals, medications, and grain, which we hand measure, mix and feed them every day.  We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach for our rescues.  A good diet is essential for healthy hoof, hair, and body growth.  

Here are some of the vitamins and minerals we feed and why:

  • Vitamins A,D,E,K and B12 - overall body health.

  • HistAll H - support for seasonal allergies, respiratory health and healthy immune systems.

  • MSM - support for joints, cartilage and other connective tissues.

  • Glucosamine 5000 - aids in the growth of new cartilage, which reduces pain and inflammation in the joints.

  • Foundation Detox - an additive that is formulated to cover all bases.

  • Biotin - supports strong hoof growth.

  • NuTrack - aids in digestion.

  • Magnesium - helps reduce anxiety and muscle tremors.

  • Electrolytes - required in all functions of the horses body, including nerve function, digestion and muscle contraction.  

  • Turmeric - improves joint health, especially in horses with arthritis, as well as improvement in itchy skin conditions.

  • and many more.. 

Restore their bodies

Horses are gracious enough to allow us to ride them, the least we can do is take care of their bodies in return.  By keeping our rides small, we rotate which horses we use to make sure they are not overworked or sore.  All our horses are regularly seen by a massage therapist, horse chiropractor, MagnaWave and nutritionist.  We work with these specialists to ensure their bodies are comfortable and healthy for both work and play! 

Make them strong

The MOST important part of our horses' recovery is their feet!  The condition of a horses hooves can effect everything about that horse.  Not to mention the hooves of a horse CANNOT lie

We believe in strong, barefoot feet.  Our barefoot specialist, MO Trimming, knows each of the horses and their personalities at our ranch. She takes into account every part of the horse while trimming their hooves. Marissa trims the hoof to fit that specific horse's movement and supports them in improving certain walking habits. If they see one area of the foot is more worn than another, we ask if the horse has a sore muscle or a misalignment in the body that is causing them to drag that hoof. Marissa also assists us in identifying dietary needs and deficiencies. We work closely with our farrier to ensure that our horses have strong and healthy hooves that will lead to a strong and healthy body!

Shoe Alternatives
Metal shoes decrease the natural flexibility of the hoof which is needed for proper blood flow and hoof function.  Instead of using metal shoes, we will use shoe alternatives like ScootBoots or Cavallo Boots.  They are a soft boot that protect the horses' feet while also allowing the hoof to expand and frog to make contact with the ground to pump blood back into the horses leg.  This circulation is important in keeping hooves, muscles and tendons healthy and strong!

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