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Birthday 🎂 

August 17

(gotcha day)



Favorite Treat 🍎

Horse Cookies

Breed 🐴 

Dales Pony

Height ✋


Favorite Job 🤠

Lessons and Trail

A Bit About Me 🐎

Duchess was donated to our ranch the fall of 2022. Her previous owner wanted to see her in a home where she would connect with people and other horses. This flashy girl is super smart and loves learning new tricks in her lessons. She is currently in our English lesson program and is learning dressage and jumping.  

Duchess is a Dales Pony, which is a rare and endangered breed of horse.  The breed originated from northern England and there are less than 1000 registered today. These ponies 
great stamina makes them favorites for trekking and long distance rides. Being willing and clever jumpers, they compete very successfully in cross-country, performance classes and dressage competitions.

Duchess is always ready and willing for our riders and students.  If you're in lessons or endurance, you may have the lucky chance of being able to ride this fun and energetic girl!

"The wonderful thing about me is that I'm the only one!"

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