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Kentucky Mountain

A Bit About Me 🐎

Birthday 🎂 

Estimated 1997

Gotcha Day 💕

May 24, 2021

Breed 🐴

Kentucky Mountain

Personality ⭐️

Good Ole Boy





About My Riders 🤠

Experience Level

Taking a break ☕

Weight Limit

Carries Riders up to 125lbs

 ★ My Favorites ★

Favorite Job 💪: Trails and Endurance

Favorite Color 🌈: Red

Favorite Treat 🍪: Horse Porridge

Favorite Quote 💬: "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart"

Special Care 🩺:

EPM medication, Lyme medication, TMJ adjustments, red cell, colostrum 

Care Sponsors ❤️‍🩹:

None yet

Apples Given 🍎:

One apple!

My story 💕

Howdy there, name's Tonto! Now, I ain't no spring chicken. Had a rough patch, let me tell ya. Kill pen, skin and bones, legs wobbly as a newborn calf from this EPM thing and that darn Lyme disease. But these folks, they didn't give up on an old coot like me! Got me back on my hooves, feet ain't perfect but they're getting there. Liz, she's always fussin' over me, keeping an eye on that EPM and Lyme. Tricky business, I hear.

First one at the gate every mornin'. Can't get enough of explorin'. Sometimes I even tag along after the humans 'round the ranch – wouldn't be surprised if I snuck right in the house one of these days, just to see what's cookin'! Long rides with Liz out to Silver Creek... nothin' better!

I enjoy hangin’ out with little riders the most. Got a knack for makin' folks smile, young and old. Guess that makes me a ranch favorite, wouldn't ya say? 😉

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