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Birthday 🎂 

May 24

(gotcha day)



Favorite Treat 🍎

Horse Cookies

Breed 🐴 

Kentucky Mountain Horse

Height ✋


Favorite Job 🤠

Trail Rides

A Bit About Me 🐎

Tonto arrived to us in a state of need; he had been pulled from a kill pen and was practically skin and bones. His feet were terrible, and he had severe EPM, a neurological illness that causes incoordination, muscular atrophy, and loss of sensation throughout the body.  Now, he's regained all of his weight, his feet are better, and his EPM is being treated! 


Tonto loves to go on trail rides and is the first to the gate in the morning.  He'll follow us everywhere around the ranch and will even try to go in the house.  Tonto also loves going on long rides with Liz to Silver Creek and running across fields. 


Kids are Tonto's absolute favorite riders.  He is so gentle and will take it slow for just for them.  Tonto has a way of touching people's hearts, making smiles and is a favorite on this ranch.   


"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart" 

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