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Specialty Lessons

All of our lessons are private

We believe that private lessons help our students to connect more successfully with their horse partner and instructor.  We do our best to match our specialty lesson curriculum with the goals of our students.

We are a completely outdoor facility:

Our lessons are held outside in all safe weather conditions throughout the year.

About 💬

Do you want to own a horse someday but have a lot of questions? Spend some time with the owner of Rise and Ride Ranch to learn about horse ownership at our ranch. Every horse you meet is unique with their own needs, it's best to plan ahead. Our ranch is made up of rescue horses with a variety of medical needs, dietary requirements, quirks, and personalities that we can dive into to help you understand the various needs you may encounter in horse ownership. 

Need to knows ✔️

Ages 16+ up

One hour session

Max group of 2

$35 per lesson

Own a Horse Lessons can cover:

  • What to look for when buying a horse - red flags.

  • Horse confirmations - the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • What to expect for regular horse maintenance. 

  • What to have on hand for horse first aid and emergencies.

  • How to detect and treat illnesses, soreness and injuries. 

  • Different types of food, supplements and hay.

  • Talk about additional horse dietary and medical needs.

  • How the changes of the seasons effect a horse.

What we cover can vary based on the questions asked!

Own a Horse Lesson
Private Group Clinics

About 💬
These group clinics are a great way to jump start your horse experience with a group of friends or family. Have fun and learn together as we cover some of the basics of horse care, safety, equipment and riding.  

Need to knows ✔️

Ages 12+ up

Two hour session

Max group of 5

$250 per clinic

Private Group Clinics can cover:

  • Safety both on and off your horse.

  • Horse care, grooming and tacking.

  • Horse bodies, muscles and feet.

  • The bits, shoes, and tack we use for trail.

  • One rein stops and flying dismounts.

  • Deep breathing and maintaining control.

  • Balancing in your saddle through various terrain.

  • Learning to post your horse's trot. 

  • Horsemanship and technical horse knowledge.

These clinics are tailored to the groups goals and abilities. While we cannot cover everything in two hours, we will focus the curriculum on what you'd like to learn the most. We encourage all questions during the clinic!

Lesson Waitlist

Our waitlist currently has more than 30 students. We will not know when the next time slot will become available because our private lesson plans and schedules are tailored around the student's abilities.  The wait may be long!


We recommend trying a Meet & Greet or a Private Horseback Ride before enrolling on the waitlist to see if our ranch and horses are a good fit for you!

We are looking to expand our staff of instructors. We are, however, extremely picky in our search! We are always looking for team members that are patient and kind toward both our students and horses. We want them to share our goals and approach to caring!

Contact us today! 🐴

Which lesson(s) is the student interested in?

Thanks for submitting! There are presently over thirty people on our lesson waitlist.


Under the Michigan Equine Activity Liability Act, an equine professional is not liable for any injury to or death of a participant in an equine activity resulting from an inherent risk of the equine activity (PA 351 of 1994).

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