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Founder/Owner & Engineer

Carson has a strong compassion for animals and enjoys the process of learning, healing and caring for all species. He enjoys spending time outdoors, either cutting wood for our winters or working around the ranch and seeing how he can improve it. Between moments of work, he loves watching and learning from his animal friends.  He will often catch and 'inspect' the animals to make sure they are not injured and notes his observations with Liz.  His kind and peaceful demeanor contributes to the recovery of the animals around here.

Carson has a mechanical engineering degree and uses it to develop efficient and useful methods for making things function more smoothly on the ranch. 


 ★ Carson's Favorites ★

Favorite Horse 🐎: Bahu

Favorite Tack Color 🌈: Blue

Favorite Ranch Activity: Anything with Liz and feeding his tiny call ducks 🦆

Carolyn's Thoughts

I've known Carson since 2018 (I think haha) and without an absolute doubt, I can say I have never seen someone be more supportive to my sister's dream with this ranch than he.  He is always researching, learning and improving everything he and Liz set out to do together.  Despite his "large" appearance, Carson has one of the quietest and kindest hearts I know.  He is always bringing the animals he "finds" to Liz as a gift. Such as the many ducks, toads or the occasional turkey on the ranch.  If you're waiting for your ride, you may hear "I found this for you" as he brings these gifts to Liz for her to kiss. 😂

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