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Endurance Rides

For one to fly...

One needs only to
take the reins

To fly through the trees while listening to the thunder of hooves striking the earth is one of the most liberating experiences one can have.  Take in the beautiful landscape of west Michigan as we walk, trot, and canter our way down sandy roads and forested trails.

Need to Know

Ages 18 + up

Walking, trotting and cantering 

Max group of 2

(private only)

Weather permitting


220lb weight limit


Helmets required

(rentals available)

60-120 minutes

Closed-toe, heeled shoes required

NOTICE: We love having fun and connecting with people on these rides! However, our horses' well-being will ALWAYS come first. Before the endurance ride, we assess the riders' abilities on their horses at all gaits. Riders who are bouncing, slapping, swaying, or other similar patterns will only be allowed to ride at a walk in order to prevent our horses from being hurt.  Rough hands and/or poor horsemanship will absolutely NOT be tolerated.

  • Riders MUST agree to accept a walk-only ride if any member of their party does not pass the assessment.

Endurance Rates

  • $60 per rider - one hour

  • $90 per rider - one and a half hour


Please make sure you have read and understood our rules and guidelines before you book your ride.

Please feel free to text (616) 422-8200 if you have any questions! 😊 We'd love to chat!


Please Be Kind

Our horses are rescues! Please be gentle and kind as they have graciously allowed us to ride them. 

Appointment Only

All of our experiences must be booked in advanced.  Our calendar fills quickly, so be sure to plan ahead!


Tips are not required, however, our guides work very hard to make your horse experience safe and enjoyable. 

Please consider letting our guides know that you appreciate them!


Helmets are required for endurance. Bring your own or rent one of our sanitized, ASTM/SEI certified equine helmets on site.

Experienced Only

For our horses' health and your safety, only experienced riders may book endurance rides. 


Under the Michigan Equine Activity Liability Act, an equine professional is not liable for any injury to or death of a participant in an equine activity resulting from an inherent risk of the equine activity (PA 351 of 1994).

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