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Birthday 🎂 

April 27, 2015



Favorite Treat 🍎


Breed 🐴 


Height ✋


Favorite Job 🤠

Trail Rides

A Bit About Me 🐎

Picasso is one of our ranch's younger horses and is already a regular favorite. Picasso's registered name is "Camsking (6NP43)," and he is the son of world record racer Camluck.  Camluck even raced against Lakota's father, Artsplace! Picasso spent his early years racing and won a few races. He later ended up in the kill pen due to an unfortunate circumstance. The Standardbred Retirement Foundation worked with New Journey Farms to bring him out of that place and then into our home!

Picasso has wry mouth, which gives him a crooked nose, a buck tooth, and his tongue sometimes hangs out. We have his mouth and jaw regularly checked by our chiropractor and dentist.  Thankfully his case isn't severe and hardly effects him at all (besides the excessive drooling haha). 


Tonto is his closest horse friend, and they like going on rides together, especially endurance rides. In the morning, they'll both be waiting at their gate, hoping to go for a nice ride in the woods.

Picasso takes good care of his riders and is always eager to learn new things. We look forward to learning more about this cute fellow this year!


Thank you SRF and New Journey Farms, NC! ♥

"Once in awhile, someone amazing comes along.. and here I am!"

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