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Founder/Owner & Operator

Liz is an animal lover who has a special place in her heart for rescued horses. She started the ranch with the goal to provide a safe haven for neglected horses and help them connect with people. Liz had personal experience with trauma in her own life that drives her passion in helping animals and learning more about their care. Every horses needs are different, so Liz takes a head on approach with each need that comes up. 


Liz is knowledgeable on equine health and care, thanks to her education in equestrian management from Michigan State University along with mentorships from the many specialists she has met on her horse care journey. For the purpose of providing her barefoot horses with the best possible care, she is additionally studying horse hoof health.  As they say, no hoof, no horse.


While Liz's family didn't have any horses growing up, she's always felt a connection to them. She puts out much effort to make everyone's visit to her ranch a positive one.

 ★ Liz's Favorites ★

Favorite Horse 🐎: Tonto (all of them really haha)

Favorite Tack Color 🌈: Red

Favorite Ranch Activity: Endurance with friends!

Carolyn's Thoughts

My sister, Liz, is one of the few individuals I know who has such a deep connection and compassion for all animal life. Growing up, my family and I lived a tiny house in the middle of nowhere and with very little money.  Despite this, Liz and I never felt like we were lacking anything because we were always immersed in the nature that surrounded us. Every moment of daylight was spent exploring and discovering new things about nature and the animals who shared it.  While I aspired to be a veterinarian growing up, Liz chose the position of "critter gitter" where she would catch, help and cuddle any animal.  To this day, my sister will still catch, kiss, and embrace any bug, rodent, reptile, fish, or animal she comes across. 😂 Also, if something is too cute, it will make her cry because the cuteness is overwhleming.

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