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Birthday 🎂 

April, 19 2000



Favorite Treat 🍎

Horse Cookies

Breed 🐴 


Height ✋


Favorite Job 🤠

Carriage Rides

A Bit About Me 🐎

Lakota has been through a lot before finding a home at our ranch.  She was bred to be a winning harness racehorse named Miss Gorgeous (W1640).  Her father was "Artsplace," a harness racer who won over $3 million and broke world records in his career.  However, after only winning $22,279 and failing to succeed like her father, she was hauled off the track to be a broodmare (breeding stock). 


Lakota gave birth to 7 foals in a row, pushing her body to its limits and causing her hormones to become imbalanced.  Once she could no longer produce steady foals, she was placed into a kill pen.  Lakota is still a little distant to others due to her trauma, but she has gradually shown us that there is still a fire in her that wants to shine. 


Lakota loves to run and play in the pasture when she thinks no one is looking.  Lakota is the "big sister" of the herd and keeps all the others horses on their best behavior.  She can be a little shy on the trails sometimes, but is a wonderful partner once you show her she can trust you.  She listens closely and takes good care of you!


Thank you Starry Skies Equine Rescue! ♥

"It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine" 

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