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A Bit About Me 🐎

Birthday 🎂

May 12, 2013

Gotcha Day 💕

April 20, 2018

Breed 🐴


Personality ⭐️

Curious Semi Truck 🚛

Gender 🧬


Height ✋


About My Riders 🤠

Before requesting Charlie, keep the following in mind!

Experience Level: 

Confident Beginner/Intermediate 

Weight Class:

He carries riders up to 280lbs

Age Class:

Charlie is a big guy! So best suited for older teens and adults.

 ★ My Favorites ★

Favorite Job 💪: Trails

Favorite Color 🌈: Red

Favorite Treat 🍪: Apples

Favorite Quote 💬: "I knew when I met you, an adventure was going to happen"

Special Care 🩺:

Cancer in back hoof (in remission)

Apples Given 🍎:

Nine apples!

"Apples" are small gifts of care ♥︎


My story 💕

Hey there! I'm Charlie, the big fella with the heart of gold around here. You might even recognize me from the logo – I'm kind of a big deal! 😉

My story's got a bit of a twist. I came from the same breeder of those fancy Budweiser Clydesdales, but I didn't quite fit the mold. A little shorter than the rest, plus this one black leg...let's just say I add a little flair! I even battled some tough stuff with cancer in my hoof, but guess what? We kicked its butt!

When Liz found me, I was pretty green and had some trust issues from being passed around to five different owners. But Liz and Carson said I have a forever home with them! They showed me that not everyone is out to hurt you just for being curious. Now, I'm just a lovable teddy bear with a soft spot for everyone.

Rides with me? Well, let's just say I've got a curious spirit and a pep in my step! Plus, I know I'm handsome – so if I see a camera, I might strike a pose. Kisses? Absolutely! If you hold out your hand, I'll boop it right back.

As the ranch's golden boy, I think you'll fall in love with my big personality and curious nature. Come say hi sometime! ♥︎

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