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Rocky Mountain

Birthday 🎂

Estimated 2003

Gotcha Day 💕

September 17, 2021

Breed 🐴

Rocky Mountain

Personality ⭐️

Grandpa's Grumpy Sofa

Gender 🧬


Height ✋


About My Riders 🤠

Before requesting Bhalla, keep the following in mind!

Experience Level: 


Weight Class:

He carries riders up to 165lbs

Age Class:

Bhalla is great for young kids, small teens and adults

A Bit About Me 🐎

 ★ My Favorites ★

Favorite Job 💪: Unicorn and Trails

Favorite Color 🌈: Orange

Favorite Treat 🍪: Metabolic safe treats

Favorite Quote 💬: "People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday"

Special Care 🩺:

Gut-X for fecal water syndrome and a metabolic friendly diet.

Apples Given 🍎:

One Apple!

"Apples" are small gifts of care ♥︎


My story 💕

Hello there! I'm Bhallaladeva, Bhalla for short, and I’m the ranch's unofficial unicorn. I came here with my brother Bahu, and we're both loving life. Now, don't get me wrong, I adore long trail rides with the gang, but my true passion is taking things slow and easy, enjoying the scenery. They call me the "lazy boy" since I'm wide and comfy, and honestly, the most carefree horse around.

What I really love is naps (who doesn't?), hay all the time, and lots of cuddles. Oh and of course my brother, Bahu. I only like him following me on the trails though, so we always go together.

Meeting new people is a favorite too, especially if they give me scratches! Since I'm so gentle and quiet, I'm often the first ride for lots of folks. Love watching them get comfortable in the saddle and finding their confidence. If you see me on your ride, you're in for a slow and steady experience. Come say hello, and don't forget the neck scratches! 🦄

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