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A Bit About Me 🐎

Birthday 🎂 

Estimated 2001

Gotcha Day 💕

January 17, 2022

Breed 🐴


Personality ⭐️

Warm Mom Hugs





About My Riders 🤠

Experience Level


Weight Limit

Carries Riders up to 250lbs

 ★ My Favorites ★

Favorite Job 💪: Anything with Elsa

Favorite Color 🌈: Purple

Favorite Treat 🍪: Horse Porridge

Favorite Quote 💬: "If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever."

Special Care🩺:

PPID medication, PPID safe weight maintenance, hormone balancers

Care Sponsors ❤️‍🩹:

Jennifer, Camden and Dee ❤️  (one time donation)

Apples Given 🍎:

Two apples! 


My story 💕

Hello there, sweetheart. I'm Anna. My daughter Elsa and I came here from Starry Skies sanctuary back in early '22. We were a bit skittish at first, bless our hearts. Never had much in the way of gentle hands before. Spent our lives working hard in the fields, and it left its mark – teeth worn from rough bit handling, both of us too thin for comfort.

Liz said we'd always have a home together here. Helped us get strong again. Took a special diet and a whole lot of patience, since we can't eat hay like normal horses. Funny thing is, even after filling out some, things weren't quite right. Turns out, Elsa and I have this thing called PPID. Messes with our bodies a bit, makes it hard to shed out properly or gain that last bit of weight. So excuse our scruffy look, it’s a part of our past we can’t shake.

Me, well, I'm the mama hen around here. Sweet as pie, but I'll keep everyone in line if I have to. On a ride, you'll feel that I'm all about big, comforting cuddles. Elsa will always be close by too! If I had opposable thumbs and a driver’s license, I'd be that mom who drives miles to bring you homemade soup when you're feeling under the weather. You get me for a ride, you're in for a gentle, nurturing time.

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