Meet The Team

It is critical to us that we are not only knowledgeable about horses and riding, but are able to connect with the horses to help build that trust, confidence and horsemanship. 


Founder & Owner

Liz Steffes

Liz has a soft spot for all animals, especially those that have been through trauma. She founded this ranch with the goal of connecting these animals with people. Liz has been through a number of past traumas herself, which motivates her passion to rescue animals and share them with people.   Liz studied equestrian management at Michigan State University and specializes in equine health and care. Liz is also studying horse hoof health with the goal of providing horses with strong, balanced, and healthy barefoot feet. Liz didn't grow up owning horses, but she was always drawn to them. Liz works diligently to ensure that everyone who visits her ranch has a pleasant and encouraging experience!

616 422 8200


Founder & Owner

Carson Krueger

Carson has a strong compassion for animals and enjoys the process of healing and caring for all species. He enjoys spending time in the pasture, showing them that not everyone is trying to harm them. His kind and peaceful demeanor contributes to the recovery of these animals. Carson has a mechanical engineering degree and uses it to develop efficient and useful methods for making things function more smoothly on the ranch. Carson strives to make each customer and horse feel more comfortable and safe.

616 558 8628


Lesson Instructor & Horse Trainer

Holly Marchese

Holly has been riding horses for 12 years. She has competed in local schooling shows as well as 4H. She attended The University of Findlay after graduating from high school, specializing in English Equine Studies and Equine Management. Holly worked on her degree for two years before leaving without a diploma due to COVID-19. Because of Rise & Ride Ranch, she has been able to continue chasing her passion. Her mission is to educate new and experienced riders alike how to ride ethically and establish a harmonious relationship with horses. Holly specializes in low level dressage, hunt seat, show jumping, and showmanship.

586 419 1092