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Horseback Rides


Small, private groups for a..

Personal horse

Riding a horse is an unforgettable experience for both kids and adults. Explore our quiet, woodland trails in all four seasons of Michigan. These easy-going, guided rides are the perfect experience for first timers and horse hobbyists that want to connect with their horses in a private setting. We also have walkers available upon request to walk with you and your group on the trails to help as needed.  

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Need to Know

Ages 2 + up

Max group of 8

(private only)

30 or 60 minutes

280lbs weight limit

Walking ride only

Ages 2-3 can double in the saddle with an adult (walker required).

Ages 4-6 ride on their own horse while led (walker required).

If you are booking ages 2-3, we may call you for more details to ensure a comfortable ride.

Weekday Rates

  • $30 per rider - half hour

  • $38 per rider - one hour

Weekend Rates

  • $30 per rider - half hour

  • $40 per rider - one hour

Please make sure you have read and understood our rules and guidelines before you book your ride.

Basics of Riding

The most important thing to do when riding is to relax. 😊 Just like people, every horse is different.  Learn about your horse and their personality as you ride. 

  • Hold the rein in each hand.

  • Keep a loose rein when riding on the trails.

  • To turn right, pull with your right hand towards your hip.

  • To turn left, pull with your left hand towards your hip.

  • To get the horse moving, nudge their belly with your heels.

  • Keep your heels down and your toes up in the stirrups.

  • Do not squeeze your legs together while riding as this asks the horse to trot.  

  • To stop the horse, pull back on the reins gently towards your hips and say "Whoa." When the horse is stopped, don't keep pulling back on the reins because that will cause them to back up. 


Please feel free to call if you have any questions! 😊 We'd love to chat!


Please Be Kind

Our horses are rescues! Please be gentle and kind as they have graciously allowed us to ride them. 

Appointment Only

All of our experiences must be booked in advanced.  Our calendar fills quickly, so be sure to plan ahead!


Tips are not required, however, our guides work very hard to make your horse experience safe and enjoyable. 

Please consider letting our guides know that you appreciate them!


Helmets are always recommended. Bring your own or rent one of our sanitized, ASTM/SEI certified equine helmets on site.

Beginners Welcomed

 Our horses are very gentle and our guides are focused on the safety of your group.  We match you with the right horse based on your riding experience.


Under the Michigan Equine Activity Liability Act, an equine professional is not liable for any injury to or death of a participant in an equine activity resulting from an inherent risk of the equine activity (PA 351 of 1994).

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