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English Lessons

All of our lessons are private

We believe that one-on-one lessons help our students to connect more successfully with their horse partner and instructor. However, if you'd like to bring a learning partner or two, we can arrange private group lessons for up to two students at once.

We are a completely outdoor facility:

Our lessons are held outside in all safe weather conditions throughout the year.


Meet the English Instructor!

Miss Holly - Contracted Lesson Instructor

Holly is the owner and founder of Eye for Equine and teaches the English disciplines at our ranch. She is an expert in low-level dressage, hunt seat, show jumping, and showmanship. She is always striving to stay knowledgable about her disciplines!

English Riding Basics

About 💬

Learn the basics of riding including how to balance in the shallow seat, proper use of hand and leg, and most importantly having fun!  Students will have opportunity to move further in this discipline through dressage and jumping. 

Need to knows ✔️

Ages 8+ up

One hour lessons

Beginner level

$50 per lesson

English Riding Basics cover:

  • Safety both on and off your horse.

  • Horse care and grooming.

  • Ground work and personal boundaries.

  • Balance in a shallow saddle and having a proper seat.

  • Introduction to low-level dressage.

  • Recognizing body language, soreness and injuries.

  • Horsemanship and technical horse knowledge.

Jumping Basics

About 💬

Jumping basics will dive into fundamental jumping knowledge. To successfully and safely navigate a course of fences, a unique combination of athleticism and mental ability is required.

Need to knows ✔️

Ages 13+ up

One hour lessons

Advanced level

$55 per lesson

Jumping Basics cover:

  • Safety both on and off your horse.

  • Proper seat and position during jumps.

  • Setting jumps and counting strides.

  • Learning distances to a fence.

  • Small fence courses. 

  • Recognizing body language, soreness and injuries.

  • Horse care and recovery following jumping exercises. 

Showmanship Lesson

About 💬

Students will learn proper attire, care of tack, washing and prepping a horse, showing techniques while riding and on the ground, and so much more!

Our instructor, Miss Holly, is also happy to coach at shows for an additional fee discussed with students and parents. 

Need to knows ✔️

Ages 13+ up

One hour lessons

Intermediate level

$45 per lesson

Showmanship Lesson covers:

  • Safety, care and respecting boundaries.

  • Proper showmanship attire.

  • Care and washing of show tack.

  • Washing and prepping a horse for show.

  • Groundwork and riding show techniques.

Lesson Waitlist

There are presently over thirty people on our waitlist. Since our enrolled student's private lesson plans and schedules are created based on their specific goals, we cannot predict when a time slot will become available.

To tackle this wait list, we are actively looking to increase the number of instructors on our team. Yet, we are very thorough in our search! Our instructors must be kind and patient with both our students and the horses. We want them to share our goals and caring mindset!

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Under the Michigan Equine Activity Liability Act, an equine professional is not liable for any injury to or death of a participant in an equine activity resulting from an inherent risk of the equine activity (PA 351 of 1994).

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